...because of her extensive experience and connections in the working dance world, she has a ton of inside knowledge about the industry, and she can provide expert guidance and contacts to those students who wish to become professional dancers.
— Victoria Lee

...JJ truly embodies all of the qualities I look for in a teacher. She is professional, passionate, creative and very kind.
— Shannon Ritchie

...what I love about Melissa is she is training the girls like athletes! They are strong inside and out!
— Joanne Ferguson

...I’ve always had a large amount of trust in Melissa because she’s pushed Cassandra to become the dancer she is today. Melissa knows how to be positive and encouraging through the years and has never failed us mothers and dancers. She’s like a family member to us and we wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for her.
— Sonia Banitsiotis

Melissa is a superb teacher with great knowledge & integrity, kindness and compassion with beautiful artistry and a passion for all that she does.
We are so happy that she is opening JJ Dance Arts!!
— Kathryn Nasturzio